Why use promotional umbrellas

When considering a corporate gift for a conference giveaway or as a show of appreciation to employees, promotional umbrellas printed with your logo are a clear choice that will benefit both you and the recipient, making them the perfect gift that keeps on giving and fits within any budget. From pocket sized to large outdoor fibreglass, the options are endless.

High visibility

While many companies opt to distribute pens, compendiums or tote bags to their employees or prospective clients after important meetings or at conferences, corporate umbrellas are one of the most highly visible items you can distribute.

The very nature of using an umbrella and the need associated with it makes it a highly valuable item that can be both economical and useful.

There are few moments in life when people search so desperately for something as when they search for an umbrella in the middle of a rainstorm.

This gives the umbrella lots of opportunities to be seen by a large number of people and to be associated with the brand that’s printed on it.

Highly valued

Unlike many corporate giveaways that get quickly and easily discarded after an event is over, branded umbrellas, especially those that are extremely convenient like fold-up umbrellas, will be highly valued.

By distributing an umbrella to your conference attendees or to your employees as a show of appreciation, you are associating your brand with something we all need, use and cherish in the right moment.

There’s something unique about capturing that moment of need.

When your employee or prospective client is in the middle of a ferocious rainstorm and in need of reprieve, associating the usefulness of an umbrella that came through just in time with your brand is a powerful statement.

Seen as a luxurious giveaway item

Unlike many other giveaway items, an umbrella is viewed as expensive and therefore it is seen as a high-value item. Associating your brand with a well-made umbrella can be a worthwhile investment in strengthening your brand value and usefulness in the mind of your clients and employees.

High-value items to give at conferences and to executives

There are various levels of quality you can choose from when selecting an umbrella. When working with high-level staff members or distinguished guests, an executive umbrella is the best option.

Strong branding for employees

If you're looking to build brand loyalty with your employees, a high-quality umbrella provides you with the opportunity to do so. Moving the employer-employee relationship beyond one of obligation to one of appreciation and loyalty can be challenging. This shift can only happen with building moments of trust and appreciation, but making the investment to build that loyalty can be worthwhile in the long run.

Free advertising

Beyond building warm feelings, distributing personalised umbrellas can be a form of relatively cheap advertising.

Think of purchasing and distributing your company’s custom branded umbrella as a form of walking advertising. Because you’re able to buy umbrellas printed with your logo, every time someone opens one, they are screaming the name of your company’s brand.

So if you're looking for an option to build brand loyalty, capitalise on relatively cheap advertising, impress an executive client or build your brand, incorporating umbrellas can be an affordable part of a long-term strategy for success.

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