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Golf and executive umbrellas really stand out. Not only are they great for getting your logo out-and-about with your employees, but they make excellent business gifts. Both practical and umbrella, they're unlikely to be thrown away by the people you gift them to, and the unpredictable Australian weather means they will be used time and time again. An umbrella's large...Read More

Golf and executive umbrellas really stand out. Not only are they great for getting your logo out-and-about with your employees, but they make excellent business gifts. Both practical and umbrella, they're unlikely to be thrown away by the people you gift them to, and the unpredictable Australian weather means they will be used time and time again. An umbrella's large print space also means it is as much a mobile advertising method as it is a way to keep clients dry. Executive umbrellas make invaluable accessories for events where your brand is exhibiting and are excellent at trade shows where employees will be interacting with potential customers. Remember: an umbrella is often viewed as an expensive item, so associating your business with a high-quality umbrella can be a worthwhile investment in strengthening your brand's value in the mind of your employees and clients.

We stock a wide range of different umbrella types, but some of our most popular options include golf umbrellas and fibreglass frame umbrellas. Don't be fooled by its name - a golf umbrella isn't limited to the golf course. Thanks to its generous size and economical price tag, it's the perfect choice for car dealerships, wedding venues, hotels, sports centres and any other business hoping to shelter its customers from unexpected downpours. If you're looking for a slightly more durable option, fibreglass umbrellas are a perfect choice. Thanks to their windproof frames, flexible ribs and lightweight design, they won't break in bad weather, so your advertising or logo will always be on display.

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Additional details about printed umbrellas

Custom umbrellas can be designed to feature specific colours, logos, or patterns to represent a brand or personal style. These umbrellas are not only practical for weather protection but also serve as effective promotional tools. By integrating a company's logo, custom umbrellas enhance brand visibility and make lasting impressions wherever used. Available in many styles such as compact umbrellas, golf umbrellas, or travel umbrellas, they cater to different promotional needs with options like screen printing or digital printing for vivid and durable designs. Investing in high-quality custom umbrellas ensures both professional appearance and durability.
Adding your logo to our umbrellas is straightforward. Several options are available to suit your branding needs. You can choose from a variety of printing methods including screen printing, digital printing, and dye sublimation, each providing crisp and durable results. Our decoration process allows for precise logo placements, be it on one panel or all over the umbrella for maximum visibility. We cater to all business sizes with options like logo umbrellas with low minimum order quantities, ensuring that every company, regardless of order size, can enhance their brand presence effectively.
Decorating an umbrella with your logo is a seamless process with our range of design options. Whether you are looking for a subtle addition or a bold statement, you can choose from screen printing, digital printing, or dye sublimation to make sure your logo stands out. Our design team specialises in printing umbrellas with logos, ensuring that each umbrella reflects your brand and the process as simple as possible.
We offer a wide range of custom umbrella design options to suit various branding and functional needs. From compact umbrellas ideal for city use to robust golf umbrellas designed for expansive coverage, our products come with custom features such as fibreglass frames,pongee materials, and various canopy colours. Advanced printing technologies allow for precise reproduction of your logo on one or multiple panels, and we cater to all orders with low minimums, ensuring every client can access tailor-made solutions.
Yes, there is low minimum order requirement for our range of umbrellas. We start our branding processes at 25 units per style. We specialise in providing flexible ordering options to suit businesses of all sizes, from large corporations to small startups. This flexibility allows you to order exactly the number of umbrellas you need, whether it's a large batch for a major event or just a few for a small team. Our ability to offer logo umbrellas low minimum ensures that every business can access custom promotional items without the constraints of large minimum order quantities.
Ordering branded umbrellas is straightforward with us. You can select from a wide range of umbrella styles, from compact, portable designs to large, durable golf umbrellas, all available for decoration. Simply choose your design, specify your branding requirements, and decide on the quantity you need—whether it’s 25, several hundred or umbrellas that have been made to order. Our flexible production process ensures that your umbrellas reflect your brand perfectly, regardless of order size.
Our selection of branded sun umbrellas includes a variety of styles to suit any business or event needs. From large, sturdy models ideal for patio use to lightweight, portable options for on-the-go sun protection, each can be customised with your company’s logo. These umbrellas are made with UV-resistant materials, providing effective sun protection while promoting your brand. Whether for a beach event, outdoor café, or corporate giveaway, our sun umbrellas offer both functionality and a visible branding opportunity.
The latest trends in custom umbrella design include eco-friendly materials, innovative opening mechanisms, and vibrant, full-colour digital printing. There is an increasing demand for umbrellas made from recycled fabrics as businesses seek more sustainable promotional products. Additionally, umbrellas with automatic open and close features are becoming more popular for their convenience. Design-wise, companies are opting for bold patterns and intricate designs that stand out, making use of advanced printing techniques to ensure their logos are displayed prominently and attractively.
Promotional umbrellas offer a unique marketing advantage by increasing brand visibility in public spaces. Featuring a company's logo, these umbrellas function as mobile advertisements each time they are used. Ideal for outdoor events, corporate gifts, or daily use, they provide practical value while continuously promoting your brand. This continuous exposure helps build brand recognition and loyalty among existing and potential customers. Promotional umbrellas are a cost-effective marketing tool that combines utility with extensive reach, making them a smart investment for any business looking to enhance its promotional strategy.
Yes, you can order umbrellas featuring your corporate logo design. Our service is tailored to accommodate custom orders for companies of all sizes, allowing you to showcase your brand on umbrellas with professional and eye-catching designs. Whether it’s for an event, corporate giveaway, or retail, our umbrellas with your logo design are crafted to meet high standards, ensuring your brand stands out in any weather. With various decoration options available, you can design umbrellas that truly represent your corporate identity and values.
Business logos printed onto umbrellas are ideal for corporate events as they not only provide protection against the elements but also enhance brand visibility. Each umbrella acts as a moving billboard, spreading your corporate message effectively. Umbrellas can be fully customised to match your corporate colours and to have your business logo prominently displayed. With low minimum order requirements, even small events can enjoy the benefits of branded umbrellas, making every attendee an ambassador for your brand.
We stand out by offering superior product quality, extensive decoration options, and excellent customer service. We offer a variety of durable umbrella styles, advanced printing techniques for vibrant logos, and flexible order quantities. We offer printed umbrellas with low minimums allowing businesses of all sizes to benefit from customised products, making us the ideal umbrella supplier for both large-scale promotions and small, targeted campaigns.
Our custom golf umbrellas can be produced with low minimums that offer versatility and add your style for any golf event or corporate function. You can choose from a variety of sizes, colours, and handle designs, all customisable with your company logo or branding. These umbrellas are designed to withstand the challenges of outdoor conditions, making them not only practical but also a powerful promotional tool. They are perfect for outfitting a corporate golf team or for giveaways at sports events.
When considering printed umbrellas, it's important to understand the flexibility and decoration options available. You can choose the exact number of umbrellas you need, tailor them with your specific design, and not worry about leftover stock. These umbrellas are ideal for targeted promotional efforts, special corporate gifts, or even personal use. We use state-of-the-art printing technology to ensure that your designs are vibrant and long-lasting, making each umbrella a functional piece of art.
Selecting the right branded umbrellas for outdoor events involves considering several factors: the size and scope of the event, the typical weather conditions, and the specific branding requirements. Opt for durable, wind-resistant umbrellas if the event is in a windy area, or UV-protective sun umbrellas for sunny day events. It’s also important to consider the ease of use and portability, especially if the umbrellas need to be moved around frequently. Ensure your logo is prominently displayed to maximize visibility and brand impact.

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